Floor Plan Examples

 Single Unit Floor Plans

 -12x12 Playhouse with 6' covered porch (Image Link)

- 12x20 Bunkhouse (Image Link)

 - 12x24 Storage Shed  (Image Link

- 12x32 with 6' covered porch, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.  (Image Link)

 -12x32 with wrap-around deck, bed, bath, and kitchenette. (Image Link)

 -12x32 with Gabled Side Entry Porch (Image Link)

-"The Party Shed" 12x32 with 2nd floor deck (Image Link

Multi-Unit Floor Plans 

-2 Bedroom T-Cabin with large deck (Image Link

-1 Bedroom L-Cabin with deck, bed/bath/laundry, full kitchen (Image Link)